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A Facebook chat bot is a chatbot that is programmed to understand the questions and answers of your customers. It is not sentient, but a flowchart of information with human-like typing. The bot is meant to act as a middleman and is not intended to fully engage with the conversation. This makes it hard to classify it as a “sentient” entity. Moreover, Facebook chat bots do not attempt to speak. All that they do is write and program.

Streamchat is a Facebook chatbot

Streamchat is a Facebook chatbot that enables you to automate replies to questions and comments. It’s simple to use, and it’s great for streamers who don’t want to spend all day repeating themselves. Streamchat’s customer commands, or “commands,” are automatic messages that you can schedule to appear at specific times during your stream. You can also use them to solicit suggestions from viewers, and you can also include a “call to action” that prompts viewers to take an action.

Streamchat is a Facebook chatbot that can automatically respond to customers through their Messenger account. It will display buttons on your page that open messages in Messenger. A study by Headliner Labs revealed that the likelihood of people opening a Facebook message is 3.5 times higher than opening a marketing email. Streamchat can even respond to requests made outside the expected flow of the conversation, such as asking a question about a product. As long as you are not spamming your customers, your chatbot will be a hit.

Once you’ve installed the bot, you need to add a Facebook fan page. Once this is done, you’ll need to create a welcoming message for your bot that lets people know what to expect next. You can do this by confirming that you’re a Facebook user and that you want to show messenger greetings. Then, convert Yes to convert the message into a yes. Finally, you need to give a welcome message to your fans.

Streamchat is a free Facebook chatbot. It is simple to use, and is very flexible. It lets you build your chatbot with an intuitive visual interface, and offers various customization options. If you’re not a techie, you can start by using Chatfuel, which has a visual chatbot builder. If you’re comfortable using it, then you can also use the free version of the chatbot to create a Facebook Messenger chatbot.

Streamchat uses artificial intelligence (AI) to understand customer questions

AI can be incorporated into many processes including voice, text, and backend databases. AI can make all the difference along the customer journey, including helping customer support agents. AI systems can provide information, find relevant data, and organize information. If a customer has a question about a product or service, the AI system can answer it and provide relevant information. By leveraging AI, customer support agents can respond to customers more quickly.

When using chatbots to help customers, AI can eliminate the need for call center agents to answer repetitive questions. AI can give customers information on the subject matter, and can even reduce customer service costs by as much as 50%. Streamchat’s AI bot connects with call center software to measure the number of customers who chatted with the bot, and can also analyze data such as customer history.

AI in customer service can be used in many ways. Companies used to use IVRs to help customers. Now, customers can use a digital IVR to speak their problem and the bot will route the call to the right agent based on the conversation. AI can even be applied to authentication and voice transcription to help agents understand customer questions and queries. Intelligent virtual customer assistants (IVAs) can answer customer questions through messaging apps or website chat.

Voice analytics, facial recognition, and image recognition are also useful for identifying a customer. This AI also helps in identity verification, which is a popular issue these days. With voice-recognition, the chatbot will understand a user’s questions based on their tone of voice and other characteristics. As a result, customers will be able to access valuable information about their products and services in a matter of seconds.

Streamchat uses a plugin for WordPress

Streamchat uses a WordPress plugin for Facebook chat bots. Once installed, users can go to the chat plugin settings in the WordPress dashboard. From there, they can customize a welcome message, color, language, and frequently asked questions. The plugin will be supported for two years. If you’re looking for a Facebook chat bot for WordPress, look no further! Streamchat is here to help.

Streamchat uses a WordPress plugin called WP-Chatbot to add Facebook chat bots to your website. It has many features, including the ability to continue a chat even if the visitor leaves the website. It also includes access to Facebook analytics through your Facebook developer account. In order to use WP-Chatbot, you must have a Facebook business page, be whitelisted, and have the Facebook Page ID ready.

For WordPress users, Facebook Messenger plugin is an excellent choice. Not only is it free, it connects to Facebook and website pages. It saves website owners a lot of time. Additionally, it doesn’t bog down the WordPress hosting. It’s free to download and install, and it works well with many WordPress sites. However, make sure to test the Facebook Messenger plugin before you make a purchase.

WP-Chatbot allows you to add Facebook Messenger chat to your WordPress site. After installing the plugin, you can begin receiving messages from your website visitors by clicking on the Facebook Messenger button. It also gives your website visitors the ability to visit your site and Facebook account as they wish. Eventually, the chatbot will become a part of your website and your brand. It’s important to take advantage of the latest Facebook chat bot features to get the best possible results from your Facebook chatbots.


If you’re interested in using a Facebook chat bot to improve your business, you’ve probably heard of Surveybot. This chatbot helps you collect data about your customers without adding any friction to their lives. It works by sending survey invitations through Messenger, so customers can respond from anywhere. This feature makes survey response a breeze, even for those who don’t check their email regularly. It also lets you send surveys to existing email addresses.

Like many other chatbots, Surveybot also offers features to automate your communications. Surveybot offers advanced conversational logic, re-engagement rules, and 12+ question types. Once set up, your Facebook chat bot can begin collecting responses from subscribers on Messenger. Once you’ve completed your surveys, you can use the chatbot to build a panel of subscribers based on their demographics, like age and gender. Then, you can segment them based on the responses to your surveys.

If you don’t have the time to send out email surveys, you can use Surveybot to collect feedback and send them to customers on Facebook Messenger. You can also use the platform to send SMS messages through Twilio. You can even automate sending surveys through Zapier using an automation tool. This way, you can receive instant feedback from your customers on a particular topic or service. With Surveybot, you can send follow-up messages and customized content to your customers, and you won’t have to worry about spam filters. You can also segment your audience according to their interests and needs.

As a result of this flexibility, you can create a survey bot within minutes. It doesn’t require any technical knowledge or coding. This chatbot platform is trusted by 600+ chatbot agencies. You can download 150+ chatbot templates and create a custom bot without any coding. The company also offers white-label bot demo pages and marketing materials. If you’re looking for a chatbot for Facebook, you’ve come to the right place.

Surveybot uses a plugin for WordPress

A WordPress chatbot plugin will help you automate repetitive communications across multiple channels. This plugin will offer personalized help and collect critical customer information so you can improve your online customer service strategy. You can even use this chatbot to take surveys, or to schedule meetings. Plugins are often simple to install and use. Once installed, your chatbot will begin interacting with visitors on your website. It will even notify your support team of any urgent issues.

One downside of a Facebook chat bot is that it is limited to Facebook Messenger. If you want to distribute your surveys to your customers, you can use Facebook Messenger. It has an advanced welcome message system and a URL for respondents to click to complete a survey. It also has Facebook Workplace and Messenger integrations. However, it is not custom branded. This is an issue for many marketers and you should be aware of this before purchasing.

One of the best ways to add a Facebook chat bot to your WordPress website is to install a Facebook Messenger plugin. This plugin comes with a host of features, such as an ability to continue conversations even when the visitor leaves the site. It also has access to analytics via a Facebook Developer account. You will need a Facebook business page, a whitelisting policy, and a Facebook Page ID.

Another popular chatbot plugin for WordPress is IBM Watson Assistant. It uses artificial intelligence to provide immediate responses to customers and improve the functionality of your website. If you have a Facebook page, you can also install this plugin to enable it on your Facebook page. It has many advantages for your Facebook site, and you will be happy you did. This plugin also allows you to customize the interface of your chatbot with an array of settings.

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