SONGS ABOUT Losing A Son – The Best Songs About Losing A Son

‘Everybody Hurts’ by R.E.M.

‘Everybody Hurts’ by REM is a song written and performed by the rock band. It is known for its lyrics, which speak about loneliness and pain. The song was written in the hopes of saving the lives of young people. It features dramatic string arrangements and a catchy melody. It was released in 1993 and remains one of R.E.M.’s most popular songs.

The song is an anthem for those who suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts. It is a powerful reminder to stay strong and don’t give up, even when life gets the best of you. The lyrics of the song are often used by suicide prevention organizations.

The song has a strong melody, and the production is stellar. The guitar playing is fun, with an arpeggiated pattern. The strings fill out the song perfectly. Michael Stipe’s voice sounds great, and he sings with meaning.

Despite the negative connotations of some R.E.M. songs, the band managed to successfully reach a large audience with a positive message. This balancing act is what makes ‘Everybody Hurts’ by R.M. such a great album.

’21 Years’ by TobyMac

’21 Years’ by TobyMac is a song about the grief of losing a son. The Grammy Award-winning Christian artist wrote the song after losing his son, Truett Foster McKeehan. The song paints an intense portrait of grief, and TobyMac’s faith in God is at its core.

Despite his success in the music industry, TobyMac has remained a leading Christian artist, and he has continued to share his pain with fans. The singer recently cancelled a tour to grieve for his son’s death. The death of his son was a shock to TobyMac, and he was unable to move forward with his life. He posted the news on social media. He didn’t set out to write a song about his son’s death, but the song evolved naturally from his own emotional work.

In ’21 Years’ by TobyMac, a father recalls the days when he and his son shared time together. TobyMac was even present at the first performance of his son’s band, and he wishes to catch his second act in heaven. The song ends with a reference to “Alex blues,” which may refer to an unreleased song that TobyMac wrote about his son.

‘Sweet Old World’ by Williams

The lyrics to ‘Sweet Old World’ are both poignant and universal. The chorus suggests that there’s someone who’s gone beyond this world, but leaves the interpretation up to the listener. In any case, Williams’ song is a prayer for any departed loved one. As such, it has the same power as a hymn to the dead.

“Sweet Old World” by Williams about losing a son is a song about loss and love. Williams’s lyrics are achingly moving and the song is an excellent representation of this pain. Her voice, although a little scratchy, is a powerful voice that conveys a soaring sense of loss and love. The song, which was initially a soft ballad, is later reimagined as a fierce rocker for the album Car Wheels. It features a Cajun fiddle and a two-step beat.

Lucinda Williams’s debut album Sweet Old World was released in 1988, and it was hailed as a classic. The songs revealed Williams’ growing confidence as a writer and her sensitivity to the human experience. While she does not have the range or power of other songwriters, her raw, heartbreaking voice reverberated with emotion. Songs about regret are also common on Sweet Old World, and many fans have compared it to a classic Billie Holiday or Elvis Presley song.

‘The Queen’ by Elton John

If you’re a saddened parent and have lost a son, ‘The Queen’ by Elton John is the perfect song to pay tribute to a loved one who has passed away. It was written in tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away at the age of 96 on Thursday. The song’s lyrics, which tell of the grief and loss of a son, are both powerful and moving.

Dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II, ‘The Queen’ is an incredibly moving song about losing a son. Elton John was close to the royal family, and wrote ‘Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me’ with the Queen in mind. In 1998, he was knighted by the Queen, making him the first openly gay musician to receive such a prestigious honor. He remained close with the royal family even after Diana’s death.

The Queen was also a close friend to John Lennon, and he dedicated several songs to the royal family, including ‘Candle in the Wind’, which he performed at the funeral of Princess Diana in 1997. The song also chronicles his experience of seeing the Queen slap Viscount Linley.

‘Yesterday’ by Kenny Rogers

‘Yesterday’ is an emotional song about the loss of a son. Kenny Rogers was a folk musician. He played double bass guitar with the folk ensemble New Christy Minstrels and was also part of a band called the First Edition. In the mid-1960s, he recorded a song called ‘Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love to Town’, which reached the top ten in the US pop charts. Rogers and the First Edition were also part of a syndicated TV show, “Rollin’ On The River”.

Kenny Rogers had three No. 1 singles in the UK in the 1970s and 1980s. He won three Grammy Awards and became a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame. He sold more than 100 million records worldwide. He has also had a number of international hits, including the Bee Gees’ ‘Lucille.’ His collaborations with Dolly Parton and songwriters such as Paul Simon are also notable.

Despite his tragic death, Rogers’ family hopes to hold a public memorial service after the COVID-19 pandemic passes. Until then, fans are encouraged to donate to MusiCares Coronavirus Relief Fund to help music professionals in need.

‘Sleep Tight’ by Celine Dion

‘Sleep Tight’ is the first song on Celine Dion’s SONGS ABOUT LOSING SON collection, and it is an incredibly heartbreaking tune. Celine Dion’s son Rene-Charles was just a few days away from his 15th birthday when his father died. After losing his husband, Celine continued to put her children first. She was there for her son as he grew, helping him pursue his dreams and allowing him to pursue his passion for music.

Celine Dion has written 26 studio albums, two Christmas albums, and four greatest hits albums, including ‘Sleep Tight’. Despite her age and fame, she didn’t break through to the U.S. charts until 1991, when she charted her first U.S. single, “Where Does My Heart Beat Now.” But she’s since achieved worldwide superstar status. She started singing at a young age and recorded her first demo when she was twelve.

‘Sleep Tight’ is an excellent choice for a funeral after a loved one has passed away. The song talks about moving on after losing someone you loved and living a good life, as long as you keep their memory alive. The lyrics even hint at sexual desire, but it’s never explicit.

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