RGI HOME STORAGE is a company that specializes in fast-to-market, high-design products for the home. These products help consumers make their homes more functional and beautiful, and they offer a wide selection of products for storage, workspace, laundry, and pantry needs. The company also gives back to the community through community contributions to the marketplace. For full access to its company profile, visit the website.

It produces beautiful, functional and affordable storage solutions

RGI HOME STORAGE is a leading manufacturer of storage systems that combine functional design with beautiful materials. From the design to the manufacturing process, RGI produces storage solutions that fit any home. Whether you need to store clothes, books, shoes, and other items, RGI is the answer.

It sells online

RGI HOME STORAGE is a retailer who sources storage products for other retailers. The company is currently listing 10,000 square feet of space in its Lake Success office for subleasing. The space is unoccupied, and RGI Home is looking to sublease for five years. Then, the company plans to move into a smaller office and evaluate its future viability. Subleasing is a smart move for a company with excess space.

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