Places to Visit in Industry, California

You’ll find plenty of unique places to visit in Industry, California. From the Sugar Factory and Beverage Bottling Factory to Teresa Foglia’s studio, this city offers a unique combination of industrial and artistic elements. You’ll be glad you made the trip.


Industry City is a multi-million square-foot, waterfront complex that serves as a hub for innovation and creative businesses. Under the direction of Belvedere Capital and Jamestown Capital, the area has undergone a $400 million transformation. Today, more than 500 companies call Industry City home, including technology and media companies, fashion and food businesses, nonprofits, and more. This modern microcosm of the city has a long-term goal of creating 20,000 manufacturing jobs by 2025.

Despite its industrial past, Industry City has grown into a design mecca and is known for its upscale furniture stores. Visit ABC Carpet & Home for one-stop home goods shopping, or Design Within Reach for showrooms that feature high-end designer furniture. You can also check out Flavor Paper, a locally sourced handmade wallpaper shop, or WantedDesign, a boutique that sells hand-blown stained-glass ashtrays.

Industry City’s owners, a partnership between Jamestown and Belvedere Capital, sought to redevelop the former industrial campus to create a vibrant, commercial destination. The company’s pitch to the City Council was that the rezoning would create thousands of new jobs and generate significant new tax revenue.

Despite the opposition of community groups, Industry City’s developers have remained undeterred. The development project is set to produce $100 million in tax revenue and 20,000 new jobs. These positive results would be a welcome boost to the city’s struggling economy. But community activists are not giving up on the project.

There are numerous event venues throughout Industry City. Public courtyards and businesses feature live music and fitness events throughout the year. Industry City also features an ice rink in the winter. Parking in the area is easy and free. There are plenty of bicycle racks throughout the neighborhood.

Sugar Factory

If you’re planning a trip to Taiwan, one place you should not miss is the Taiwan Sugar Industry Museum. It is located in the suburb of Kaohsiung and is easy to reach by MRT. The museum is home to the original manufacturing workshop that enables visitors to observe the whole sugar-making process.

Another place to visit in the industry of sugar is the Imperial Sugar Char House. This historic building was built in 1918 by the Imperial Sugar Company, and is the city’s oldest public building. It was once home to many local functions and events, including community meetings. It’s located near Lakeview Elementary School.

There are also several tours available for visitors. The museum features six exhibition rooms, which include a 1915 locomotive bell and a model sugar mill. The museum offers guided tours and educational leaflets in multiple languages. While you’re there, take the opportunity to learn more about the rich culture of plantation life.

The museum has restrooms, a restaurant, and a souvenir/rum shop. You can even visit the Sugar Factory Ice Shop for a taste of authentic red bean yeast ice cream. You’ll also find a delicious black sugar marla cake at the Sugar Factory Ice Shop.

The process of sugar production in Hawaii involves growing raw sugar, washing, crushing, grinding, and refining. During the height of the sugar industry, this island was one of the largest in the world. The process was mostly controlled by missionary families. However, it was eventually taken over by Europeans who were more profitable.

While China is the third largest sugar producer in the world, it is required to import sugar to meet domestic demand. The country has a deal with the World Trade Organization that allows imports of up to 1.95 million tons of sugar each year at a 15% tariff. Beyond that, imports are subject to higher tariffs of up to 50% and extra permits are necessary.

Beverage Bottling Factory

The beverage bottling industry is a dynamic field. The growth of water bottles has changed the landscape of the industry. Until recently, water was typically sourced from natural springs, such as those owned by Nestle and Evian. But as bottled water consumption has increased, bottlers have realized that they can reduce costs by using tap water instead.

Before entering the industry, it is important to understand the market. There are several markets to consider, including the local and state level. If possible, shadow an existing company to understand the needs of its customers. It is also a good idea to visit industry websites and magazines to get a feel for trends and market sizes.

The Coca-Cola World Museum, a 92,000-square-foot facility across the street from the Georgia Aquarium, has exhibits on the bottling process. It also highlights milestones in the brand’s history and pop culture. Visitors can also sample a dozen different drinks from around the world.

The Reyes Coca-Cola bottling company recently celebrated its one-year anniversary. The company began in Chicago and expanded to five states in the Midwest, eventually adding California and Nevada territory. The company has also invested in new bottling lines to increase its capacity. The new lines are capable of producing 1,550 bottles and 900 cans per minute. In addition, the Jacksonville facility added the capacity to produce 7.5-ounce sleek cans.

The Coca-Cola company has been in the beverage bottling industry for more than 115 years, and the Coca-Cola system is comprised of independent bottlers, international owners, and family-owned operations. The Coca-Cola system has made significant investments in infrastructure, information technology, and operations across its bottling networks.

Teresa Foglia’s studio

If you’ve ever longed to create custom styles for Hollywood stars, Teressa Foglia has just opened a Malibu Village outpost. While her studio is based in Industry City, Brooklyn, her new flagship location doubles as a studio and retail space. The company’s clients include Mena Massoud, the star of Aladdin, and actress Jamie Chung. She also works with Gerard Butler’s girlfriend Morgan Brown.

Foglia’s journey started when she attended a millinery course in Europe. Later, she continued her studies in London, Los Angeles, and Berlin. In New York, she released her first collection, which has a personal vibe to it. She hopes to inspire others through her hats, and each hat is unique in its own way.

Barrow’s Intense Ginger Liqueur

For several years, Barrow’s Intense Ginger Liquesur has been housed in Sunset Park in Industry City, but recently opened a tasting room to showcase their ginger liqueur. The new space has a full bar, seasonal specials, and a bottle shop. This distillery is dedicated to promoting New York-grown spirits. It started with just ginger liqueur, but has since expanded to include other spirits made in the state.

The distillery is located in a sprawling complex of buildings in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park neighborhood. The complex houses shops and restaurants and a live music venue. In addition, it is home to the production facility of Barrow’s Intense, a ginger liqueur produced in Brooklyn with fresh ginger, sugar, and alcohol.

The company is part of the craft spirits movement in New York, and Barrow’s Intense Tasting Room boasts one of the largest spirits selections in the city. The tasting room is also home to the company’s signature ginger liqueur, which is kosher, vegan, and gluten-free.

The company sources its spirits from other distilleries, as well. Morton is constantly on the lookout for new products to include in his line of spirits. The company also offers unique tasting flights of between four and six spirits. These include a variety of whiskeys, applejack, vodka, absinthe, and gin.

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